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Are you ready to go digital?

Productivity and Efficiency Joint-Funding for Digital Adoption (PENJANA) Scheme aims to encourage the adoption of digital solutions by MSMEs through financial funding to a portion of the solutions total cost.

With the adoption of digital solutions, it is hoped that MSMEs would be able to scale their businesses, reduce operating cost and improve productivity managing her resources efficiently.


Enable MSMEs to garner first-hand experience of using digital solutions into the business operations.

Promote and create better understanding on the use of data amongst MSMEs for cost optimization and efficiency of the businesses.

Who can apply?

Businesses that are 100% locally owned by Brunei citizens or permanent residents. 

Businesses categorised as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Business must be active and fully operational for at least two years.

Funding Support 

AITI will provide funding support for the local MSMEs in the form of subsidised subscription fees. The applicant may choose from list of pre-approved solution package as listed by AITI. The amount of funding is based on the Annual Turnover1 of the business, with funding cap of B$5,000 for each MSME, as follow: 

MSME's Average Annual Turnover AITI Funding
Above B$100,000 50% of total annual cost
B$50,000.10 - B$100,000 60% of total annual cost
Up to B$50,000 70% of total annual cost


The funding will only be made available for one year. 

Example Illustration 

For Point of Sale Digital Solution for standard or basic package costing B$2000: 

MSME's Average Annual Turnover AITI Funding Cost to MSME
Above B$100,000 B$1,000 (50%) B$1,000 (50%)
B$50,000.10 - B$100,000 B$1,200 (60%) B$800 (40%)
Up to B$50,000 B$1,400 (70%) B$600 (30%)

1 Annual Turnover is defined as the total sales for a period of one (1) year. 

Note: Annual Turnover is not the same as profit. Profit is the amount of turnover remaining after all business expenses have been deducted. In comparison, turnover is generally the gross amount of income received by the business. 

Pre-approved Digital Solutions 

To be eligible for PENJANA scheme, AITI works with local ICT companies to select readily available digital solutions that can be utilised across various industry sectors. They must be cost-effective, market-tested and meet the requirements set under the scheme.

Currently, there are five categories offered:

1. Accounting

These solutions assist staff and accountants in recording and summarising a company’s financial activities. 

Company Solution(s)

Website | Email 1 | Email 2

Cendana Lite Package
Cendana eStarter Package
Cendana eSoho Package
Cendana eRetail Package
Cendana eCorporate Package


2. Digital Point of Sale (POS) System

Digital Point of Sale (POS) systems record sales entry, maintain customer relations, upkeep inventory and provide sales report and analysis for both stand-alone and multi-outlets operations.

Company Solution(s)

Website | Email

Kedai.POS 360

Website | Email 1 | Email 2

Cendana eRetail + POS

Email 1 | Email 2

WEBPOS System V2


3. E-commerce 

E-commerce solutions enable users to enhance their online presence through online e-commerce website with content management, online leads analysis and online transaction management capabilities.

Company Solution(s)

Website | Email 1 | Email 2

Cendana eRetail + e-Commerce 


4. E-payment

E-payments are an electronic or digital way of transferring funds. Essentially, e-payment methods can be utilised to transfer funds as an alternative to cash payments. 

Company Solution(s)

Website | Email



5. Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Human Resources Management System is a suite of software applications used to manage human resources and related processes throughout the employee lifecycle.

Company Solution(s)

Website | Email 1 | Email 2

Cendana eSoho Package

Cendana eCorporate Package

Website | Email

Track and Roll HRMS 2022

AITI plans to offer more categories of digital solutions and invite other companies to participate in PENJANA Scheme as part of the selected pre-approved digital solutions providers.



PENJANA Application Form


PENJANA Guidebook


PENJANA Terms and Conditions

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