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Service Provider for The Telecommunication Industry (SeTi) Licence

Any leases of telecommunication facilities from an InTi Licensee for the provision of telecommunication services or reselling the services of the InTi Licensee to third party customers or end-users (i.e. public, businesses, etc.) requires this licence. 

A SeTi Licensee may own telecommunication infrastructure (such as 'Customer Premise Equipment') within its own premises and provide telecommunication services to third parties, customers or end users within its premises. 

A person may be granted a SeTi Licence to provide one or more of the following service licence class: 

Public Mobile Telecommunication Service

Public Non-Fixed Telecommunication Service

Public Fixed Telecommunication Service

Resale of Telecommunication Service

Internet Access Service

Bandwidth Exchange Service

Private Network Service

Public Payphone Service

Prepaid Telecommunication Service

Value Added Service

Effective 24 January 2020, the SeTi annual licence fee has been revised to 3.25% of Annual Gross Turnover (AGTO) subject to a minimum of BND5,000.00.

New Regulatory Approach for SeTi Licence for Value Added Services


The Operational Framework defines a SeTi Licence for Value-Added Service (VAS) as a licence to provide value-added services to the public that are accessible through telecommunication services i.e. through the Public Mobile Telecommunication Service, Public Non-Fixed Telecommunication Service, Public Fixed Telecommunication Service and Resale of Telecommunication Service.  VAS which are only accessible through the Public Internet Access Service, but not any of the telecommunication services mentioned above, are not included and need not be licensed.

However, with the global developments in the telecommunications industry and technology, it facilitates and promotes the availability of new, varied and innovative services accessible over telecommunications networks. To address this and create an enabling environment, the Authority has exercised forbearance from licensing activities falling within the definition of VAS. This has taken into effect since 01 August 2018, with the issuance of Advisory Guidelines to provide clarity on the licensing approach to SeTi Licence for VAS.

The Authority will monitor the developments to assess whether regulatory intervention is needed. 

Click here to download the Advisory Guidelines for VAS. 


Licensing and Regulatory Operational Framework


SeTi Licence Application Submission Checklist


SeTi Licence Application Guidelines


Sample of SeTi Licence


List of SeTi Licensees

Last updated: 23 May 2022

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