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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality refers to the basic principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must treat all data on the internet equally and is connecting you to all the content that you choose without discrimination or restriction i.e., network operators and internet service providers are not allowed to prioritise certain companies or types of data, charge for preferential access, or differentially charge by user, content, service or application on any data on the internet.

Net Neutrality is an issue pertinent in many countries because of its potential effect on the use of Internet and access to information by consumers and the claims that it deters innovation and dampens network investment and expansion. Net Neutrality has attracted global attention and debate because of concerns about the potential effect on the use of the internet and access to information.  

AITI continues to serve its function as a telecommunications regulator while ensuring the ICT industry development by continuously monitoring global trends and developments in the sector, as well as any potential issues and challenges in the local landscape. 

In 2018, AITI conducted an industry consultation on Net Neutrality which indicated no immediate concerns or issues in the country. In this regard, AITI have adopted three (3) guiding principles to Net Neutrality in Brunei Darussalam:

  1. No discrimination (by network operators and ISPs);
  2. Transparency (of terms and services for customers to make informed decisions); and
  3. Reasonable Traffic Management Practices (TMP) with these exceptions: national security, emergency services, law enforcement and content regulation.

AITI shall continue to monitor both local and global developments on this matter and welcomes any party that believes any practice or activity may be against the Net Neutrality principles in Brunei Darussalam to report it to AITI.

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